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Raja Car Cover

Special Car Pool Glove Double Layer
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Specification of Special Car Pool Glove Double Layer

Protector Vehicles Product Options

King Car Cover


Provides The Type Of Protector Vehicles-Car Blanket;

1. A regular patron of One Ply Semi Outdoor and Indoor:

This special product for those who park their cars or motorcycles is already protected by a canopy or carport which is solidly on the home page, in the type of usage of this

free color selection and combination of your financial budget

2. Premium Double Protective Layer;

Products by lifting type more protection for vehicles parked outdoors without the canopy or carport, double waterproof material wear

already we recommend eligibility test and get away with it, as well as a safety against the car body and paint


3. Extreme Triple Protective Layers;

These specialized products for your stylist and want to appear different from your vehicle's protective wear beautiful color with color combination in the design of the suit,

We as produsen just follow the request of the consumer, for our color choice info available on this type of material wear workshop triple waterproof

a more secure


For booking we set the appropriate incoming orders early, first is a priority then the fastest machining process 2 or 3 daily work when in a State of high order

and 1-2 working days in a State of low order

Infokan on our type of which the choice of cover your vehicle's body and of course

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