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Motor Cover Line Type 2
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Specification of Motor Cover Line Type 2

Product Specifications: 

Category Motor Cover Line Type 2 
Description: Car Blanket Store 

Our Products Launches Revolutionary Car And Motorcycle Accessories For Your Lovely 

The Goal Is: 

1.We Making Protective Cover Car And Motorcycle That Will Be Used Not Comfortable When Ribet And Easy In Bring In Car / Motorcycle 
2.Memiliki Protection Extraordinary Ability 
Cars Due To Production Import Material Support Safe And Strong Against Weather 

Keeping 3.Mampu Vehicle From Dust, Solar Heat, Scratches, Cold Temperature 
When Parking At Work, In The Mall, At Home Or Other Purposes 
Which Vehicles Parked In Long Time. 


Blanket Price Car Combination Two Colors Or Combination Line 

Or Customnya Subjected Charge Additional Fees For Combination Model 
Colors And Lines, So Adding Elegance Car Body Cover 
When Used In Homes, Offices And When Parking In Sports 
Which Takes A Long Time

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