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Raja Car Cover

Car Cover Plain Type 1
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Sell Car Cover Plain Type 1

Specification of Car Cover Plain Type 1

Car Accessories Product Specifications:

Category Car Cover Polos Type 1
Description: Car Quilt Shop

For those of you who like gloves eksclusive car model using cool animation profiles can be ordered directly when nego order


King Car Cover

Car Blanket products with various types;
of standard type one color to the model and color combination and double cover (premium cover) using a combination of colors harmoniously to create attractive car blanket form when used to cover vehicles

Selection of standard models 1 color with these simple design without the combination, we offer to you, with the type of pricing options tailored to the dimensions of the car between 300rb - 700rb for class category
a. citycar
b. MPV - SUV
c. sedan
d. double / single cabin
e. mini bus

Now its time you buy products made in our car protector to protect vehicle
you are worth hundreds of millions of rupiah from dust, dirt, sunlight,
humid temperatures and winds that can minimize your vehicle care spending reaching millions

Rules Order Item
a. Goods Pre-Order (PM - Transfer - Confirmation - Create / Send)
b. Delivery of goods and manufacturing processes approximately 1 day after transfer
c. Color according to the stock on our
d. Cover price followed the size of a car-type car
e. Please inform us if the goods have been received
f. Guarantee goods Only two weeks after goods received

The goal is:

1. We Make Protective Cover Car And Motorcycle The Comfort When Will Not Used Ribet And Easily In Bring In Car / Motorcycle
2. Having Exceptional Protection Capabilities
Cars Due to Support Production Materials Import Safe And Strong To Weather

3.Mampu Keeping Vehicles From Dust, Hot Sun, Scratches, Cold Temperature
When parking At Work, At Mall, At Home Or Other Purposes
Which Vehicles Parked In Old Time.

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