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Veloz Car Cover Type 13
Veloz Car Cover Type 13
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Specification of Veloz Car Cover Type 13

Car Cover Features Solid Type 13

Regular 1.Pelindung One Lapis Semi Outdoor and Indoor:
This product is special for those of you who parked your car or motorcycle are already protected by a solid canopy or carport in the yard, on the use of this type
free selection of colors and combinations according to your financial budget

2.Pelindung Premium Double Layer;
Products with raised type more protection to vehicles parked outdoors without a canopy or carport, car accessories is wearing a double waterproof material
already we recommend and pass the feasibility test of wear, as well as the safety of the paint and the car body

3.Pelindung Extreme Triple Layer;
This product is on offer to your stylist and want your vehicle to look different protective wear color combinations with a beautiful color in the design according to taste.

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