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Raja Car Cover

Car Accessories Car Cover Line Type 4
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Product Specifications: 

Category Car Cover Line Type 4 

Description: Car Blanket Store 


We produce car cover products and we are located in Bandung, West Java Province, Indonesia.

We have 5 years of experience in serving needs for car cover and also for harley davidson cover.

We give our best product in helping customers to protect their vehicles from dust, dew, and cold weather. The product also protects the vehicle's body from uv light whenever it sited outdoor. We have to ensure that the material of our product is either suitable for indoor and outdoor usage.

If the vehicle sited outdoor all day long everyday, we highly recommend a premium type of vehicle's cover. It can be use as a substitute for the roof. For further questions, you may contact us.

How to order

* price validation

* choose the type of product

* choose the kind of color

Once you have ordered any of our products, we will immediately proceed it. After you have transferred the money, in accordance with the amount of the price of ordering product and postage charges, soon we will send it via JNE (cargo shipping services). Afterwards, we will send you the shipping registration number.

Please confirm us if the product you ordered have been received because the delivery is monitored continuously during the shipment.

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